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The Employment Verification Process

Andrew Gwynn - Monday, July 02, 2018

Here at DrivenHire, we thoroughly check to make sure applicants of your dealership are verified and - essentially - telling the truth. One of the facets we cover is employment verification. Below are the items we check for to make sure your applicant's previous employment is verified:

1. Employer type.

2. Company name.

3. Employed through a staffing agency?

4. Positions held

5. Manager name

6. Start/end date

7. Salary/ pay cycle

9. Reason for leaving/comments

In addition, we ask the previous employer the following questions:

- Can you verify their SSN?

- Full time or part time?

- What was/is the applicant's job and the nature of his/her duties?

- Are any performance issues noted in their record?

- Is her/his attendance record good?

Three attempts will be made to reach the previous employer and they may require a signed reference release form before any information is released. If you're interested in verifying the previous employment of your applicants, give us a call!

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