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Asking The Right Interview Questions
Jan 25, 2018

Asking unexpected questions during the interview will help you to ensure authentic, genuine answers. Here are a few questions that are sure to stem real answers from your candidates.  +

The Importance of Background Checks
Oct 17, 2017

Are background checks a part of your company's hiring process? If not, they should be! If they are, it's important to make sure that your background checks are not only legally compliant but also thorough and complete. An incomplete background check can be useless if it leaves out the important information that could influence your hiring decision.  +

Secrets To Hiring The Best Employees
Oct 02, 2017

Is your company hiring the best people for the job? If your company is experiencing high turnover, inefficiency, disengaged employees or other issues in the workplace, the root of the problem may be lying at the stage of hiring. Hiring the wrong people can drastically impact your business, office environment and overall bottom line. That's why we're here! At DrivenHire, we can help you hire the best employees. +

The Importance of Compliant Background Checks
Sep 07, 2017

Background checks are important when your company is hiring new employees. However, compliant background checks may be even more important. Companies get sued all of time for conducting background checks that are not compliant with the law.  +

Building A Compatible & Successful Team
Aug 10, 2017

Compatibility is key to keep a team working efficiently and effectively and to ensure success for the tasks at hand. No matter what industry you're in, building a compatible team is key to success. At DrivenHire, we are here to help companies replicate success and reduce risks when building their teams.  +

Are Your Employees Satisfied In Their Job?
Jul 26, 2017

If your employees are satisfied in their job, they're more likely to be more productive and work harder. Although job satisfaction is a part of employee engagement, engaged employees are not always satisfied with their job. Here are some ideas and strategies that you can use to help your team be satisfied with their job. +

Effective Hiring Practices To Help You Hire The Best
Jul 25, 2017

As a manager, supervisor, or leader in your company, hiring is one of the most important aspects of your job. You build your team that ultimately determines the success of your company by hiring. That's why it is so important to hire the right people. Today, we're going to give you a few tips about hiring practices that you can use to ensure that you're hiring the best! Here is our effective hiring process: +

Get Creative With Employee Engagement
Jun 20, 2017

You've likely heard the term "employee engagement" quite a bit. What is employee engagement and why is it so important?  +

Why Background Checks Are Important When Hiring
Jun 19, 2017

Pre-employment background checks are a great tool and will help you hiring the right people the first time! If you're a hiring manager, you understand the costs involved in hiring a new employee. If your company experiences a high level of employee turnover, it's likely costing your company lots of money. This issue can certainly be prevented, and background checks are a method of lowering employee turnover and making sure you're hiring good people who will become an asset to your company.  +

Employee Retention: Why It's Important
May 11, 2017

Employee retention refers to the efforts made to keeping employees with a company for an extended period of time. Employee retention is important for your business and it a concern for many companies, large and small. Hiring and retaining good, valuable employees can be challenging, but it key to growing and building your company and a successful team of employees. Making active efforts towards increasing your employee retention will help to motivate your employees so that they're more likely to stay with your company. +

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