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Optimize Your Interview Process

Andrew Gwynn - Thursday, June 14, 2018

Through the applicant screening process you may feel that you know someone and you've likely developed expectations. How often have you sat down to interview someone that you had high hopes for only to realize that they were not going to be a good fit?


Applicant Preview Video is our latest hiring tool that is designed to help you reduce the time you spend interviewing so you can focus on applicants that have the skills necessary for the job. With Applicant Preview Video, each candidate is sent a list of questions that they will record themselves answering. Each candidate receives the same questions to ensure equal opportunity. This will help you to see the candidate and get an idea of how much effort they're willing to put forth before you actually spend time doing an in-person interview.

Applicant Preview Video will save you time, money and improve the overall hiring process. With years of HR and hiring experience, we know that the best way to fix a problem employee is to not hire them. That's why our hiring solutions and hiring practice are designed to help you replicate the success of your best employees and reduce the risk of hiring the wrong employees. By reducing the liklihood that you'll hire a bad employee, your company will save time, money and develop a more successful business.

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