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Hiring People That Meet & Exceed Your Expectations

Andrew Gwynn - Monday, June 25, 2018

Have you ever hired someone who doesn't quite meet the expectations you have set or established when you hired them? Hiring new employees is a difficult task and can cost your company a lot of money if you hire the wrong people. At Driven Hire, we are here to help you replicate the success of your top employees and reduce the risks of hiring the wrong employees.

The first step in ensuring that your hire people that will not only meet but also exceed your expectations is proper applicant screening. Our applicant screening process includes a series of tests and surveys to help you weed out the bad candidates and ensure that applicants will fit the job you're hiring for. Check out the 3 tests that are included in our applicant screening process.

FIT Test

The Focused Interest Test works for each person and party involved. By helping the applicant find out what their behavioral makeup and work-type interests are, they'll be able to identify jobs that they would be satisfied doing. As a hiring manager, these test results will help you to compare applicants to your top performers and see if any traits match.


The Sales Marketing and Representative Trait Survey evaluates each applicants based on the key components of success in sales. These components are determined based on years of experience and research across various industries. By identifying potential strengths and weakness of a candidate, you'll be able to predict their success in a sales or marketing position.

ProScreen Test

The ProScreen Test is a survey that examines work experience, integrity, work ethic, reliability and teamwork skills. In simple terms, this test will help you to predict if an employee will work well with others, show up for work and if they're overall a good person.

To learn more about our applicant screening process or to get started taking advantage of our hiring solutions, please give us a call today!

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