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Finding the Best FIT

Andrew Gwynn - Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Ever hired an employee who you thought was a great fit for the job only to realize after a few weeks that maybe that isn't the case? As a hiring manager, hiring new employees is the most important part of your job. We know how frustrating it can be when you hire someone who you have great expectations for and they fall short or don't meet your expectations. At DrivenHire, we are here to help you replicate the success of your top employees and reduce the risk of hiring the wrong employees.

Today, we're going to chat about how you can find the best FIT for the job using our hiring and applicant screening tools.

FIT Test

The Focused Interest Test works for each party involved - the job seeker, hiring manager, and employer. By helping the job seeks to find out what their work-type interests are, they will have a better idea if they're truly suited for the job. Hiring managers will know if the applicant will "FIT" the job and if so, how exactly to coach, train and help them develop.


The Sales Marketing and Representative Trait Survey evaluates each candidate based on components necessary for success in the sales field. The SMARTS Test identifies characteristics that are important in sales and marketing based on research across multiple industries. This survey will show you a candidate's strengths and weaknesses in relation to sales prior to hiring.

ProScreen Test

This pre-hire survey will assist your company in the hiring process by looking at general work experience, integrity, work ethic, reliability and team skill. In simple terms, the ProScreen Test will help you to understand if a candidate is a good person, will show up to work and will work well with your current staff.

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