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Criminal Records and Your Applicant

Andrew Gwynn - Monday, June 18, 2018

Searching criminal records is like casting a net. The smaller the net, the smaller the holes. We offer searches at the nationwide, state and county levels for criminal records. The most up to date and complete information is found at the smallest geographic level (county), while the most number of records is found at the largest geographic level (nationwide). 

The search strategy that we recommend is a layered approach (casting multiple nets). Cast a wide net to identify possible criminal records matches from all over the United States. Cast a smaller net in areas where you know the individual has worked and lived. Always verify database records at the county courthouse if the information will be used in hiring decisions. 

County Criminal

Statewide Criminal

Nationwide Criminal

Sex Offenders

Federal Criminal

If you're curious to learn more about how we conduct our background checks or want to learn more about the importance of learning about your applicants' criminal records, give us a call! We hope everyone has a great Monday!

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