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Preview Your Candidates With Our New Video Solution
Jul 10, 2018

Have you ever been taken by surprise when a candidate showed up for their interview? Often times, applicants can portray a different image on their application than they put off in person. We have developed a new hiring solution to help you get a better feel for you candidates before you take time to schedule interviews. Applicant Preview Video is our video solution that allows you to send questions to you applicants, they video their responses and you get to get a better feel for your candidates before you even meet them. +

More About DrivenHire
Jul 03, 2018

DrivenHire helps you replicate success and reduce risk. +

The Employment Verification Process
Jul 02, 2018

Here at DrivenHire, we thoroughly check to make sure applicants of your dealership are verified and - essentially - telling the truth. One of the facets we cover is employment verification. Below are the items we check for to make sure your applicant's previous employment is verified: +

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