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No Cost Activities to Build Teamwork Skills
Feb 21, 2018

Teamwork is everything in today's work environment. Employees that know how to work together as a team are ultimately more efficient and productive. We know that as a business owner or manager, there are many costs you've got to take into consideration everyday that run your business. Today, we're going to share with you a couple of team building exercises that will cost you no extra money but will make an impact! Team building includes the skills such as communication, problem solving, decision making, planning, and trust. Exercises to help your staff develop these skills with be well worth the time and effort.  +

Promoting a Positive Workplace Environment
Feb 21, 2018

The environment that you create for your employees has an impact on how they work, the company culture and overall vibe. The workplace environment includes not only the physical aspects of your office, but also the aspects that you cannot see or touch. Here are a couple of simple, easy steps you can take as a manager or business owner to promote a positive workplace environment that will have a positive impact on your employees and your customers or clients.  +

What It Means To Replicate Success
Feb 20, 2018

At DrivenHire, our tagline is to replicate success and reduce risk. What does that mean? Today we're going to talk about replicating the success of your best, most successful employees and how we can help you do so.  +

How To Build The Trust of Your Employees
Feb 19, 2018

 Building trust in the workplace is essential to a successful company and a positive work environment. Trust on each and every level can be difficult to achieve and takes work, but it will be worth it in the long run! Here are some tips on how you can work on building the trust of your employees and team members. +

What is Applicant Screening?
Feb 15, 2018

Our applicant screening process utilizes testing of current employees to create a "benchmark". This benchmark encompasses a variety of traits for your employees including personality, work ethic, attitude and more. When your dealership receives applications for employment, applicants will go through the screening and testing process. Their results are compared to your dealership's benchmark and analyzed to determine if they are a fit and where they will fit best within your dealership. By developing an employee benchmark, you can ensure that new employees possess the same trait as current employees which helps to develop a cohesive team with similar traits. Our applicant screening process has proven to help dealerships and other businesses replicate success and reduce risk when hiring new employees and decrease turnover rate in many businesses. +

Outline of Hiring Practices
Feb 14, 2018

We chat often about how DrivenHire can improve you hiring process exponentially. Today, we want to talk about how  we can do that for your dealership. Below is an outline of how our hiring process can help you replicate success and reduce risk: +

Replicate Success and Reduce Risk
Feb 13, 2018

Are you nervous and hesitant about making a new hire because you don't know how they will perform overall? You're not alone.  +

What Do You Say?: The Position Description
Feb 12, 2018

Are you going through the process of finding a new employee for your dealership? If so, we want to equip you with some tips on writing your position description. +

Let Us Help You Replicate Success
Feb 06, 2018

At DrivenHire, you probably know that our tagline is "Replicating Success, Reduce Risk". What exactly does that mean? +

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