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Building a Strong Brand

Andrew Gwynn - Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Marketing departments and designers often talk about the value of building a strong brand for your business. Whether you have a logo that you place on all of your promotional products or a color palate that you use on all of your marketing materials, it is important to carry out consistency within your dealership.

Although this often applies to marketing, it is crucial to build a strong employer brand, as well. Employer branding essentially increases your retention rates and makes recruiting a bit easier. If applicants see and hear about the excellent reputation (or "brand") that your employees have, then they will be more inclined to apply and follow through with the process. Employer branding is becoming more and more important to CEOs and human resource departments, as they hope to attract top talent and keep them.

Below are a few ways to build a strong employer brand:

1. First, evaluate your employer brand awareness and reputation from the outside looking in.

2. Invest in learning and development activities. 

3. Make sure your employees know the value of your dealership's brand.

4. Personalize their experience - whether you're dealing with an applicant or a current employee.

5. Be a good communicator within your dealership.

6. Create an employee advocate program.

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