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The Benefits of Conducting Drug Tests in the Workplace
Apr 18, 2018

Risk management is crucial in ensuring that your workplace avoids any type of risk that can cause a negative impact on your company, your employees and your reputation.  +

How To Hire Successful Sales Representatives
Apr 17, 2018

Whether you're a small or large company, you likely have some sort of sales position in your business. From inside sales to outside sales, sales positions can be difficult to fill and even more difficult to fill with the right people. Determining whether or not an applicant has the skills and characteristics it takes to be a successful sales person can be a complicated task and often times results in hiring someone who is not right for the job. +

Summer Interns: Pros & Cons
Apr 16, 2018

Summer is right around the corner and if your company has a summer internship program, you've likely already selected interns or are in the middle of the process. Internships are a great way to give younger people work experience while helping them learn bout a particular career and helping them make a career path decision. Interns can be a huge benefit to your company if you hire the right ones. Today, we're going to talk about the pros and cons of offering a summer internship program in your workplace. +

What to Ask in an Interview
Apr 12, 2018

There are a few concepts that can get your dealership into hot water when it comes to interviews. For instance, there are some questions that are "off limits", then there are some questions that are considered "okay" if asked in the proper way. Below are a few topics that, if asked correctly, can get you the information you need to know:  +

What can DrivenHire offer your dealership?
Apr 11, 2018

Here at DrivenHire, we work on finding ways to help your dealership make great hires each and every time you conduct an interview. By providing various methods and programs for hiring, we have helped dealerships across the country improve their hiring process, staff, and - in turn - profitability. Below are a few resources we provide: +

How We Test Our Applicants
Apr 10, 2018

Have you ever hired someone who did not meet your expectations? Silly question, right? After all, if you have been responsible for hiring people for very long, you have likely had the same frustration that most people have had. You have hired someone that was incredible in the interview and then let you down. On the other side of that, have you ever hired someone who exceeded your expectations? Chances are high that you have done both! +

Should you pre-write interview questions?
Apr 09, 2018

We have all been caught off guard by an applicant during an interview at one time or another. We have all forgotten about interviews that were scheduled days before and have not been prepared when the candidate arrived. When a manager begins an interview that he/she was not prepared for, the chances of problems arising from the interview or the chance of hiring the wrong applicant are high. The best way to ensure that you are prepared is to create a list of questions that all applicants are asked. In doing this, you will accomplish the following: +

Increase Employee Engagement in Your Company
Apr 06, 2018

Employee engagement is the level of passion and satisfaction an employee has in their job as well as how committed and loyal they are. Employee engagement is crucial in a successful company, because let's face it, if your employees aren't happy at work they're likely not going to perform well, be efficient or motivated. Taking efforts to increase employee engagement can be fun and don't have to be expensive. Here are a couple of simple ways that you can increase employee engagement in your workplace:  +

Our SMARTS Test Will Help You Make The Best Hiring Decision
Apr 05, 2018

If you've every hired the wrong person, you understand how drastically it can negatively impact your company and your other employees. Sales positions are extremely difficult to hire for, because not all people can be successful in sales. At Driven Hire, we understand how important it is to hire the right people the first time. Do you have model employees that are super successful and great at what they do? We've got a hiring solution that allows you to essentially replicate their success and reduce the risk of hiring the wrong person.  +

Join us For a Webinar TODAY!
Apr 04, 2018

Today we're diving into background checks and background check compliance during our online webinar! This webinar in a great educational resource for employers that want to learn more about the best practices for background checks. We'll go over federal and state requirements for pre-employment screen as well as necessary paperwork, the importance of the hiring decision, and the adverse action process.  +

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