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Criminal Records and the "Net" Metaphor
Sep 15, 2017

informing yourself - as a manager or business owner - about an applicant's history is important to the success of your hiring process. A person's personal life and history can provide a lot of information when you're considering them for hire. DrivenHire can provide a great deal of solutions for examining your potential employee's history to help protect you and your dealership. +

DrivenHire's Proven Testing: Do They Work?
Sep 14, 2017

We've put a lot of research into learning about the hiring process in the dealership setting, and we have developed three different "tests" to help streamline the hiring process and encourage great hires every time. Outlines of our FIT Test, SMARTS Test and ProScreen Test are below! +

Errors in Background Checks
Sep 13, 2017

DrivenHire has spent many years researching how to make great hires each and every time your dealership is hiring. Background checks (and the process of conducting them) are a big part of what we do here, and - today - we want to discuss errors that can occur if you let an automated or inexperienced company conduct background checks for your dealership. +

How DrivenHire Verifies Previous Employment
Sep 12, 2017

When going through the hiring process, it can be easy to believe whatever an applicant writes on their resume. However, not everyone tells the complete truth when applying for a position at your dealership. The unfortunate reality is that people will try to make themselves sound fit for the job, even if they are not. DrivenHire recognizes this discrepancy in the hiring process and has created a method to verify an applicant's former employment status. Our method is below: +

Problems in Today's Employment
Sep 11, 2017

The most important job as a manager or business owner is to conduct a smooth, safe and effective hiring process. Your employees are the ones who are representing your dealership, and hiring the right ones can make or break it's success. Today, we want to discuss two distinct problems in the realm of employment that we have found from years and years of research: +

Company Growth & Productivity: How We Can Help
Sep 07, 2017

Growth and productivity are probably topics that you discuss with your team. Productivity is defined as a measure of the efficiency of a person, machine, factory, system, etc., in converting inputs into useful outputs. Growth is defined as the process of increasing in physical size. However, these two terms can mean many different things depending on your company and what your goals are. If you're a car dealership it's likely that your growth is in reference to how many cars you have each month and your productivity refers to how productive each sales person is - or how many cars each sales person sales each month.  +

The Importance of Compliant Background Checks
Sep 07, 2017

Background checks are important when your company is hiring new employees. However, compliant background checks may be even more important. Companies get sued all of time for conducting background checks that are not compliant with the law.  +

Setting and Achieving Your Sales Goals
Sep 06, 2017

At Driven Hire we understand that setting goals is a huge deal for your sales department. Setting goals and working towards them will ensure that your sales staff is productive and generates income for your dealership. So, how do you know if you're going about goal setting the right way? We've got some tips. +

Formulating a Risk Management Plan
Aug 30, 2017

Preparing for the "unexpected" is the best way to handle emergency situations at your dealership. You cannot expect to go through your career without dealing with an emergency, be it minor or - unfortunately - major. As a manager or dealership owner, make it a priority to develop a plan to handle risks as they come - expect the unexpected. Below are a few steps you can take to formulate a simple but necessary risk management plan for your dealership: +

Why is driving history important?
Aug 29, 2017

When interviewing potential candidates for employment at your dealership, it is important to take note of their driving history. But, why?  +

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