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Building a Strong Brand
Jun 20, 2018

Marketing departments and designers often talk about the value of building a strong brand for your business. Whether you have a logo that you place on all of your promotional products or a color palate that you use on all of your marketing materials, it is important to carry out consistency within your dealership. +

Criminal Records and Your Applicant
Jun 18, 2018

Searching criminal records is like casting a net. The smaller the net, the smaller the holes. We offer searches at the nationwide, state and county levels for criminal records. The most up to date and complete information is found at the smallest geographic level (county), while the most number of records is found at the largest geographic level (nationwide).  +

Optimize Your Interview Process
Jun 14, 2018

Through the applicant screening process you may feel that you know someone and you've likely developed expectations. How often have you sat down to interview someone that you had high hopes for only to realize that they were not going to be a good fit? +

Finding the Best FIT
Jun 13, 2018

Ever hired an employee who you thought was a great fit for the job only to realize after a few weeks that maybe that isn't the case? As a hiring manager, hiring new employees is the most important part of your job. We know how frustrating it can be when you hire someone who you have great expectations for and they fall short or don't meet your expectations. At DrivenHire, we are here to help you replicate the success of your top employees and reduce the risk of hiring the wrong employees.  +

The Importance of Establishing Good Hiring Practices
Jun 12, 2018

Good hiring practices are essential in not only hiring the right people but in building a productive, successful company. Your company's hiring practices and process will determine how much money, time and effort is spent finding and hiring new employees. By streamlining and simplifying your hiring process in an effective way, you save save a ton of time and money and ensure that you're hiring good people that fit the job you're hiring for.  +

Taking Interviews To The Next Level
Jun 11, 2018

At DrivenHire, our main goal is to help companies and businesses of all sizes to hire new employees more efficiently and effectively. We know how frustrating, time consuming and costly it can be when you hire the wrong person. We've added a new tool that is designed to help you save time while seeking out the right employees and eliminate situations where the applicant falls short of the expectations you have established based on their written application.  +

Red Flags to Avoid
Jun 07, 2018

Red Flag Screening is a process that has been developed over the past 18 years by human resources. Below are a few red flags to look out for when hiring a new employee: +

Our Applicant Assessments
Jun 06, 2018

Here at DrivenHire, we have come up with ways to streamline your hiring process and ensure that you are making a good hire each and every time you go through the process. Today, we want to talk about three tests that we use to level the playing field in order to see the raw potential in comparison to current "best hires" in your dealership. See below: +

New! Applicant Preview Video
Jun 05, 2018

Ever been surprised by the real person who shows up for an interview? How many times does the person match what you expected from an application or resume? How much time have you wasted interviewing someone you knew within the first 60 seconds was not going to be a match for the position? +

Practical Steps of the Hiring Process
Jun 04, 2018

Prior to writing the position description, we recommend that each hiring manager view the Americans with Disability Act Training for Managers, located on  +

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