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Promoting A Health Work-Life Balance
Jan 22, 2018

When your employees have a balance between work and their person life, they are more successful and productive when at work. Promoting a healthy work-life balance will help your staff accomplish great things! Here are some ways that you can promote and encourage a healthy work-life balance in 2018: +

DrivenHire's Applicant Screening
Jan 19, 2018

Have you ever hired someone who did not meet your expectations? Silly question, right? After all, if you have been responsible for hiring people for a long time, you have likely had the same frustration that most people have had. You have hired someone that was incredible in the interview and then let you down, maybe to the point of you wishing you had never met them once they started working. +

How We Replicate Success
Jan 18, 2018

As a business owner or manager, you often may think about the possibilities of replicating your best employees. If I could had 100 employees just like Employee A, I would boost my profits and have a well-run dealership with little to no effort. That possibility, however, is very slim when you look at the big picture. +

Considerations Before Posting a Job Opening
Jan 17, 2018

It's always a good idea, whenever possible, to promote from within. This sends a positive message to all employees that the company provides opportunities for upward mobility. You may not need to hire new personnel - job sharing (where a person is given additional responsibilities as well as additional compensation - is a common form of promotion.  +

The DrivenHire Process
Jan 16, 2018

All of us here at DrivenHire have spent years researching the best ways to improve your hiring process. Whether you're a new dealership hoping to start off on a good note or an existing dealership hoping to make some effective new hires, we have the tips and tricks to help you do just that. Some of our resources are below: +

Interview Preparation
Jan 15, 2018

The interview portion of any hiring protocol is very important, not only because you get to speak to the candidate in person, but because you can observe the non-verbals that come along with speaking with someone face-to-face. During this time, you are able to ask key questions about the person's strengths, weaknesses and interests, but you can also see what they do with their eyes, body and hands when speaking to you. You can learn a lot about a person simply by watching them carry on a conversation. +

The Importance of Drug Testing
Jan 12, 2018

Is drug testing a part of your company's risk management program? If it isn't, it should be. Illegal drugs can cause problems in the workplace, even if the user isn't under the influence at work.  +

You've made a hiring decision, now what?
Jan 11, 2018

So, you've finally chosen the person you're going to hire for the open position at your company. Now what? We know that the process thus far probably hasn't been the easiest, but the work doesn't stop there. Here are some tips on how to properly on-board your new employees and get their first days on the job going the right way. +

No Cost Tips to Motivate Your Team
Jan 10, 2018

Motivating your employees can be difficult at times, especially if company morale is down. However, we're just one week into the new year and likely with the new year comes new motivation. If you're struggling to motivate your employees, we've got a few tips on how you can do so that won't cost you a dime. Although money is a top motivator for many people, motivating your staff doesn't always have to come down to that. +

Why are background checks important?
Jan 05, 2018

DrivenHire provides assistance with conducting background checks during the pre-employment period. It's not until an infraction occurs within your dealership with an employee that you realize the importance of checking a new employee's background. We want to eliminate the chance of a negative infraction by an employee by encouraging you to conduct a background check BEFORE you make the hire. Here are a few reasons why you NEED to run a check prior to hiring a new employee: +

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