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Background Checks

Being informed about applicants' history is an important aspect of the hiring process. A person's personal life and history can provide a lot of information when you're considering someone for hire.

From criminal background check to eligibility and drug screenings, DrivenHire can provide a turn key solution for examining your potential employee's history.

Criminal Records

Searching criminal records is like casting a net. The smaller the net, the smaller the holes. We offer searches at the nationwide, state, and county levels for criminal records. The most up to date and complete information is found at the smallest geographic level (county), while the most number of records is found at the largest geographic level (nationwide).

The search strategy that we recommend is a layered approach (casting multiple nets). Cast a wide net to identify possible criminal records matches from all over the United States. Cast a smaller net in areas where you know the individual has worked and lived. Always verify database records at the county courthouse if the information will be used in hiring decisions.

  • County Criminal
  • Statewide Criminal
  • Nationwide Criminal
  • Sex Offenders
  • Federal Criminal

Civil Records

  • Civil Court Records


SSN Trace/Address History

Education Verification

Employment Verification

1. Verify information provided by applicant: (Each field may be hidden, optional, or mandatory)

  • Employer Type
  • Company Name
           - D/B/A
  • Employed through a Staffing Agency?
           - Staffing Company Name
           - Staffing Company Telephone
  • Position(s) Held
  • Manager Name
           - Telephone Number
           - Country
           - State
           - City
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Salary
  • Pay Cycle
  • Reason for Leaving
  • Comments/Instructions
  • Please do not contact employer

2. Ask the following questions: (Client may add or delete questions)

  • Can you verify Social Security Number?
  • Full time or part time?
  • What was/is the applicant’s job and the nature of his/her duties?
  • Are any performance issues noted in the applicant’s record?
  • Is his/her attendance record good?
  • Is the person eligible for rehire?

*Three attempts will be made to contact previous employer.
**Previous employer may require a signed Reference Release form.

Employment Eligibility

Professional Licenses

Drug Screens

Drug testing is an important part of your company’s risk management program. Pre-employment testing helps companies ensure that they are hiring the kind of people that they want. Random testing is a proven deterrent for keeping employees clean. Post-accident drug testing is a necessary part of every safety investigation.

CBX has national accounts with the major laboratories, and can administer your drug testing program at convenient locations near your facilities. Contact us to set up your drug screening account today.

Driving History

Whether your employees drive a company vehicle or drive their own vehicle on company business, it is imperative that companies check driving history to ensure the safety of your employees and the general public. CBX has instant access to the Department of Motor Vehicles in every state. Don’t hand the keys to a dangerous or unlicensed driver.

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