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Applicant Screening

Hire the right fit the first time around. With DrivenHire's applicant screening process, we help you replicate success and reduce risk when hiring new employees.

Our applicant screening process utilizes testing of current employees to create a "benchmark". This benchmark encompasses a variety of traits for your employees including, personality, work ethic, attitude and more. When your dealership receives applications for employment, applicants will go through the screening and testing process. Their results are compared to your dealership's benchmark and analyzed to determine if they are a fit and where they will fit best within your dealership. By developing an employee benchmark, you can ensure that new employees with possess the same trait as current employees which helps to develop a cohesive team with similar traits. Our applicant screening process has proven to help dealerships and other businesses replicate success and reduce risk when hiring new employees and decrease the turnover rate in many businesses.

Applicant Screening

Have you ever hired someone who did not meet your expectations? Silly question, right? After all, if you have been responsible for hiring people for very long, you have likely had the same frustration that most people have had. You have hired someone that was incredible in the interview and then let you down, maybe to the point of you wishing you had never met them, once they started working. On the other side of that, have you ever hired someone who exceeded your expectations? Chances are high that you have done both! The problem is that in following the "old system" of hiring, the odds are not in your favor. Our suite of tools developed by iWorkZone increase your odds of a great hire to over 82% when you use the system properly. Below is a sample of some of the tools we offer. Contact us today to take predictive control of your future hiring needs.

FIT Test

The Focused Interest Test (FIT) works in three ways. For the job seeker, it helps them identify what their behavioral makeup and their work-type interest makeup are related to jobs. For the hiring manager, it helps them compare what a top performer looks like compared to the job seekers interested in their jobs. For the employer, it allows them to know how to coach and develop their employees. The FIT helps people figure out what makes them tick and where they will fit the best. By finding their fit, they will find their engagement and enjoyment on the job. Best Use: selecting the right people, replicating top performers, employee engagement, job satisfaction, succession planning, increased productivity, increased profit.


The SMARTS, or Sales Marketing and Representative Trait Survey, evaluates a person based on the key components of success in sales. It identifies characteristics important to success in both sales and marketing. The identifiers are based on research of personal characteristics of top performing sales representatives in multiple industries. It identifies strengths and potential weaknesses for pre-hire and/or developmental use. Best use: increase sales, talent selection, increased revenue.

ProScreen Test

The Pro-Screen Survey is a pre-hire survey designed to assist companies with the hiring process. It looks at general work experience, integrity, work ethic, reliability, and team skills. Simply put, it will help a company understand if a potential new hire will show up, work well with others, and potentially steal from the business. Best use: selecting the right people, increase productivity, increased profit.

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